How To Break Into The Music Industry As An Upcoming Artists

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How To Break Into The Music Industry As An Upcoming Artiste

The major reason why some upcoming artists failed in the quest to break into the music industry, its lack of understanding of the four corners of the industry.

Many promising upcoming artists failed along the line after dropping a single hit track, this could be not knowing what to do next or not knowing how to maintain the stardom.

Often time, I always help some upcoming artiste to blog their song free without asking for any money just to encourage them but I realized that some of these upcoming artists were not pushing their music to other major sites that have a huge fan base that can easily spread their music across the globe, I know money is one of the element or factor that hinder some of the processes of promotion but you have to be ready for it because using one blog site to promote your single is not enough.

how to break into the music industry
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My major reason why I won’t be doing it again is that many of these upcoming artists that i have been helping to blog their songs for free are becoming too lazy to promote their songs the way they ought to have promoted it, once their music is on one blog they stop at that, instead of pushing through to another blog the won’t, all they do is to just rely on only one blog that is free of charge and they are not ready to actually push it to other paid blog that can easily and also helps them to spread their song across the country.

Before going into the music industry there are certain elements you need to possess and if you don’t have those elements, it won’t be easy to succeed in the industry. Nigeria has about a 200million population and I can categorically tell you that 90 percent of this population has potential in music, so don’t just think you are the only one who wants to break into the music industry and become famous.

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Let me give you some tips if you really want to break into the Nigerian music industry and if you follow these tips you will definitely succeed.


  1. Manager
  2. Publicity manager
  3. Facebook Fan Page account
  4. Instagram account
  5. Twitter account

MANAGER: As an artist, you need to have a manager who can help you push through, a manager who understands the music industry.

This manager can help you plan your activities on daily basis, help you secure events where you can perform, and show what you are made of.

The manager can also help you negotiate with a record label company once people started noticing your progress.

PUBLICITY MANAGER: A publicity manager is very essential in the life of an artiste especially an upcoming artiste who wants to break into the music industry. having a publicity manager would be a very good idea because your activities and your image building will be taking care of through the publicity manager.

Through publicity, am very sure the world will know more about you and all your work.  You can get an entertainment blogger to be your publicity manager, this will help you get more audience who visit their blog on a daily basis. but if you can’t get an entertainment blogger get someone else who has an idea about publicity and is willing to help you build your brand.

Image making is the best way to win the heart of every music lover, by the time your publicity manager starts building your image to the world, I can assure you that people will be eager to meet and associate with you.

FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: One of the ideal places to reach out to a larger audience in this modern society is Facebook.

As an upcoming artist you need a Facebook page, once you create a Facebook, don’t just leave it at that, get a social media manager to handle it for you while you focus on your music. Make sure you post daily basis on your Facebook page and not just post alone, also make sure you run a Facebook Ad, that is the fastest way to get to a larger audience and probably get to those record labels who may want to sign you to their records.

INSTAGRAM: The fastest way to gather or build an audience is Instagram. Instagram is one of the best ways to reach out to your potential records label that probably signs and shoot you to stardom.

If you have Instagram don’t just post irrelevant pictures or videos that are not associated with your music. Make sure you post daily about yourself or having fun with your friends and also your daily activities.

Also always try to promote your most important post and make sure you tag some of the music icons, celebrities, and record label companies.

Another tip that can help you is INSTAGRAM CHALLENGE and giveaway such as free-styling on your song and ask them to tag you, once they tag you, re-post all the videos on your Instagram where people can easily like and comment, with this, you are building a huge fan base and your name will go viral.

TWITTER: Another social media giant to build fans and have more engagement to a large number of followers across the world, all you need to do is tweet daily about yourself and about more pressing issues in society. Engaged your follower with a vital question in which they will have to answer you and retweet your tweet.

If you follow these few tips, the music industry is yours forever and there is nothing stopping you and make sure you do good music and become a very good musician so that other upcoming artists will learn from you.

I will also be giving out a few tips on how to get signed into a record label on my next publication. No one is born to fail except you fail to plan.



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