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Like flowers bloom without competition, so were we made to bloom without struggle and competition. And as special as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are from each other so is our body special and distinctin shape from each other.

Every woman is beautiful but often times we tend not to see the beauty due to our inability to embrace our uniqueness ,we keep looking up to others to tell us how beautiful we are.The knowledge and understanding of your body type will help a great on your understanding of how beautiful you are and the choice of clothes, shoes and other accessories you need to help show off your best features.

Have you ever imagined Taylor Swift in Kim Kardashian clothes (I guess you can’t imagine how she looks in it) or a shoe size 28 person putting on a size 42 shoe), I guess that will also be a funny sight to behold, at some point most of us have looked that awful and some still look that awful without knowing.

The first step to being your own queen is choosing to discover your body type and love you unapologetically for who you are and how you were created.

There’s no “average” or typical body, some of us are curvier, some of us have narrower hip sor broad shoulders etc.We are all a little bit different and that makes us amazingly unique. You possibly must have heard of hour glassshape, rectangleshape etc hearing isn’t always enough.

do you know your body type and shape?
The three main body types are Ectomorph, Mesomorphand Endomorph. Ectomorphs body type have small bone structure, long lean Limbs, they are thin, flat chested, have lean muscle mass and a hard time gaining and maintaining weight.

Ectomorph body shape is rectangle.
Popular Ectomorph you may recognize;Taylor Swift, Cameron Daiz.
Mesomorph body type have long torso and short limbs, they are more muscular in their structure and naturally athletic.

They can gain and lose weight easily.
Mesomorph shapes are; Oval shape, diamond shape, inverted triangular shape. Popular Mesomorph you may recognize; Michelle Obama
Endomorph shapes over all soft body. Naturally they tend to have curvy and Fuller figures.
They gain both muscle and fat easily and are generally shorter in structure with slower metabolism.

They tend to havea hard time loosing fat.
Endomorphs body shapes are; hour glass and pear shape.
Popular endomorphs you may recognize; Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna

Why do you need to know your body type?
1) It helps plays down your less positive features, such as a large tummy, stretch marks etc
2) It helps draw attention to your best features.
3) It helps you feel more comfortable about yourself
4 )And lastly it makes shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories easier.

Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder but to a great extend you can determine how beautiful you will look in the eyes of all who behold you!Know your body type, dress in accordance with your body type and watch you bloom with beauty liken ever before.


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