Like a dream it all started with a music “UNFAITHFUL” By M. Lawrence


UNFAITHFUL. By M. Lawrence
(Free Verse)

Like a dream it all started with a music I would love to listen to all over again with the hope of being entertained and left to stare into the future.

I wished never to see the shadows of yesterday but each time I tried to move on… and become faithful to loving just you; I’m left with a million reasons to get unfaithful.
Like it or not, I was ready to lay down my worst behaviours’ just to stand next to you; always wishing never to let go, yet, breathing has become so hard because I get so suffocated each time you’re next to me.

You were once my best medicine that healed all my fresh wounds; now, I wonder how suddenly you became a poisonous antidote.
I don’t want to ever be in this dream; not anymore, not even if I get tricked one more time. I can’t hold it any longer; neither can I hide it anymore.

You made me do things I would never even do; even when my truth could break your heart, I still told it all to you, just to have you buy a bit of trust for free from me.
I know now, why I was once a monster; even as I fear what is to become of me before the break of dawn.

Being faithful is so boring… yet, all I wish is that Fate makes me faithful every day.
The dream is become so shattered like broken mirrors… there’s nothing to fight for anymore because you already won me, and now, you let Love defeat me so easily.

I hate that I fell so deeply in love and got really dumb not to read the Red written in the lines.
Maybe, someday, I’ll get to find another reason to love; but until then…



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