The Role Talents Plays When Doing Music Professionally

music studio
Photo by Jamakassi on Unsplash
music studio
Photo by Jamakassi on Unsplash


Hi, today we’re going to look at what role talent plays when doing music professionally.

Do you need to be the world’s most talented musician to do well?

Or does talent not matter as much as your marketing and business skills?

This is what we explore today.

Please read all the below points as they all work together to form the bigger picture.

You Don’t Have To Be The World’s Most Talented Musician

Let me start out by saying that you don’t need to be the world’s most talented musician to do music professionally.

There are musicians out there who don’t sound as good as the top 10% or even 20% of musicians in their genre, yet they’re still managing to make a living from their music and increase their fan base.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t get away with making bad music.

People still need to listen to it after all, right?

But if you’ve some doubts about if you are as good as the top 10% – 20% people in your genre, that may not be as much of a big issue as you initially think.

It’s Extremely Important That You’re Likable

So if you’re not in the top 10% – 20% of talented musicians in your genre, if you tried to compete with the bigger guys (and gals) on music alone, fans simply wouldn’t pick you.

There’s only so much listening time, and fans will understandably favor those who give them the best product.

It’s because of this that you need to approach your music career on a different level than most people do so you can stand out from the crowd.

There are a few ways to go about doing this, but most of them come down to one key element:

Being likable!

With a lot of musicians, the only time you get to see their personality is if they have an interview.

And even then many feel like they have to put on a persona or they seize up in front of the camera, making their fake or lacking personality the only thing that comes across.

It’s important you understand that your personality is a big part of what will help you stand out from the crowd.

You should go out your way to make it come across on your social channels, your interviews, and generally any place fans see you.

As you may know, Youtube and Instagram are channels that make your personality shine through.

Think about any celebrities you follow, musician or not.

Why do you follow them?

Most likely you admire or can relate to them as a person, am I correct?

This is because people follow people.

So if you not only make good music but you also let your personality shine through, more people will naturally gravitate to you over others, even if they technically make better music than you.

Your Music Skills Aren’t Your Only Talent

Just to sum this up in a different way, when you work on improving your talent, you shouldn’t only be focusing on your music related talent.

Everything that is fan facing (including your personality) should be worked on.

You’re trying to build a brand of yourself as an entertainer, not just a musician.

Yes your music plays a big part in that, but when you’re competing with millions and millions of other musicians, you need to do something more.

Traditional musical talent isn’t enough.

Alright guys that’s our topic for today.
You definitely won’t want to miss the next, stay connected.




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