How EDSG resolved Benin Traditional Council face-off with Enigie

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The suspended Enigie who was recently recalled and feted by the Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare II, the Chairman of the Benin Traditional Council (BTC) was readmitted into the BTC in the wake of moves by the Edo State Government to harmonise the traditional system in the state.

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Sources with knowledge of the resolution of the impasse noted that the truce was reached “in pursuit of harmony within the traditional administration system in the State.”

Recall that the Enigie were suspended after a letter signed by the Dukes in November 2022, was made public. The traditional rulers had called for proper functioning of the BTC across the seven Benin-speaking Local Government Areas in Edo South Senatorial District.


This resulted in their suspension, with rumours spreading that the action of the Enigie was tantamount to a ‘palace coup.’

Few days ago, the Enigie were feted at the Oba palace and went home with gifts.

It has since emerged that the State government had insisted that “more of the resources allocated to the BTC should be allowed to spread to all the actors within the system just as is obtained in Edo Central and Edo North.”


The norm was that the State government related with the traditional councils of the three senatorial districts in the State through their chairmen.

It was gathered that the system operated seamlessly in Edo Central and Edo North, but not so well in Edo South.

The source, who noted that the move by the state government was intended to restore order, said: “As far as Edo State Government is concerned, traditional rulers are part of institutions that ensure social cohesion which leads to enhanced security and peaceful co-existence in communities. For this to happen, the institutions must be harmonised and all resources, both man and material, must be seen to be percolating to the lowest organs within the traditional system. This was not the case before and had to be corrected.


“It was against this backdrop that the move was initiated to ensure order and harmony within the BTC in Edo South. This has led to this resolution and a truce within the council. The Edo State Government has committed to support the Oba of Benin, as the leader of the council as well as all the other traditional leaders in Edo South and ensure that they live up to their obligations to serve the people within their domain.”



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