Lesbianism is still very rampant in Nigeria – Actress Olayode Juliana

Toyo Baby
Nollywood Actress, Olayode Juliana

Nigerian Actress, Olayode Juliana, also known as ‘Toyo Baby’ from the well known TV series, Jenifa’s Diary, has described her involvement in a lady she met who attempted to charm her into a sexual relationship.

The on-screen character, who took to her Instagram page to clarify how everything occurred, she explained that, lesbianism is still very rampant in Nigeria.

Toyo Baby said: “I went out one day and people started greeting me, saying ah Juliana, they love me this and that and I said thank you. Then one particular lady walked up to me and said she liked my eyes, mouth, nose and I said thank you. I didn’t suspect anything because she was a female like me.

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According to Toyo Baby, she said after the lady approached her and she was about leaving when the lady requested for her number, which she willingly gave her and unknown to her the lady was up to something.

“As is said okay, I want to take my leave, she said I should give her my digits (phone number), and I gave this aunty my digits and she promised to give me a call. Later, aunty called me o; that is the worst mistake of my life – giving her my digits. So, she started talking and talked, then I asked her where the conversation was heading to. Aunty now said me and her should be befriending each other. I said ‘what?’ Help me o, you people should come and hear this matter o. That me I should befriend her, we should start dating each other, doing what?

“Help me hear this matter out, I told her God forbid bad thing and immediately dropped the call. Then I said I need to come and tell you people this thing because I did not know this thing is now rampant here in Nigeria o. It is terrible, it was like they poured cold water on my body, I was shocked (laughs), help me o! It is man to woman and vice versa that I know, I didn’t know about girl to girl o (laughs). It is unlawful; it should never happen and it is bad”.


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