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Lady Susan Hussey meeting Ngozi Fulani in Buckingham Palace, London © PA Media

Lady Susan Hussey has given a personal apology to Ngozi Fulani, after asking her where she was “really from” at a Palace reception.

Lady Susan, a former lady in waiting, met black British charity boss Ms Fulani at Buckingham Palace on Friday.

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She offered Ngozi Fulani “sincere apologies for the comments… and the distress they caused”, said Buckingham Palace.

A statement said Ms Fulani had accepted the apology and recognised the comments had not been malicious.

Ms Fulani was a guest at a Buckingham Palace reception last month when she described Lady Susan moving her hair to see her name badge, and challenging her to explain where she was “really from”.

Lady Susan is said to have asked what part of Africa Ms Fulani was from, to which Ms Fulani replied she was born in the UK.

Lady Susan stepped down from her honorary role within the Royal Household following the controversy.

In a joint statement issued with Ms Fulani, Buckingham Palace described Friday’s meeting as one “filled with warmth and understanding”.

Lady Susan has “pledged to deepen her awareness of the sensitivities involved” and the Royal Households would continue to “focus on inclusion and diversity”, the statement said.

The Royal Households made a commitment to training programmes, including “examining what can be learnt from Sistah Space”, the charity founded by Ms Fulani.

There was also recognition that Ms Fulani had “unfairly received an appalling torrent of abuse on social media”.

The statement said both Lady Susan and Ms Fulani wanted the meeting to show that “resolution can be found with kindness, co-operation and the condemnation of discrimination wherever it takes root”.

King Charles and Camilla, the Queen Consort, were said to have been pleased with the “welcome” outcome.

Credit: BBC


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