Group berates NAPTIP over Hero Award to Hosa Okunbo, accuses billionaire of illicit drug peddling, sexual exploitation of young girls

Hosa Okunbo

…to release orgy photos of billionaire with underage girls at parties

A civil society group, Girls For Change (GFC), has berated the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) for not conducting extensive background checks on Captain Hosa Okunbo, before short-listing him for its Anti-Human Trafficking Hero of the Year 2020 Award.

According to the president of the group, Ms. Uwanna Umukoro, “Captain Hosa Okunbo is not a fit and proper person for NAPTIP’s Anti-Human Trafficking Hero of the Year 2020 Award, because the Benin billionaire has been accused of recruiting young girls, some of them between ages 15-17 for his illicit drug business.”

She noted that, “The Internet is awash with stories of Okunbo’s involvement in illicit drug business with a vast network that spans the continent. Young girls in his ring are used as slaves to pick up and drop off hard drugs in Europe, North and South America and elsewhere. Some of these girls are sex slaves because there is a strong nexus between prostitution and illicit drug deals.”

Umukoro maintained that her organisation is set to release orgy photographs of Okunbo with underage girls at his grand parties, which he organises regularly to host his billionaire friends from different parts of the world.”

She urged NAPTIP to withdraw the award given to Mr Okunbo and conduct an independent investigation into GFC’s allegation.

“Captain Hosa does not in any way represent the core values of An Anti-Human Trafficking Hero. We will do everything within our power to correct this anomaly.

“NAPTIP erred in its assessment of Okunbo’s character, present and past, and we owe it a duty to draw the attention of the anti-human trafficking organisation and Nigerians in general, to the billionaire’s personality inadequacy,” Ms. Umukoro stressed.

She assured that her organisation is in touch with several of the victims in Benin City and elsewhere, who have been exploited by Hosa and his friends, and are ready to testify if invited.


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