Young Nigeria business man vent his anger on bad governance and insecurity after hoodlums burgled his shop

barbing shop

Young Nigeria business man Ernest Ifonuku vent his anger on bad governance and insecurity after hoodlums burgled his shop.

Ernest Ifonuku, is the CEO/MD of Monoct Media Production and a  B.A holder of Mass Communication, from the Great University Of Benin (UNIBEN).

Read statement below.

I have had my fair share from the high level of insecurity and bad governance in this country called Nigeria as a whole.

I worked hard to put this whole investment in place at a time when my country could not offer me a job after graduating from the University of Benin since 2014. A lot of people and friends very close to me can testify on how I started my journey after NYSC in 2016. I established myself when all effort to get a job from government establishment fails due to lack of connection and money to pay the ‘due’
I overcame every temptation and remain focus to making my money in a genuine way. But the evil creature in our society by our bad leadership came and took everything away when men slept.


Tomorrow, they will say we are lazy. Meanwhile, they have refused and failed to provide the enably environment for us to succeed. No security! no light! Two most important factors on which every successful business thrive on. I am highly disappointed with this country. Our government didn’t give me a job, and they also failed to provide security and light for my business to thrive. So tell me, as a man with family to take care of, what should I do now?



I didn’t commit suicide because I am a strong man with God. What if it happens to someone that cannot withstand this kind of traumatic situation? So, we better speak out now against this evil of bad governance because it created this uneducated hoodlums unleashing their frustration on innocent hard working Nigerians. A word is enough for the wise.

To all my friends, colleagues and relations who called and send words of encouragement, thank you all. But more need to be done because I need your prayers and support. God bless you all.


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