Stephen Bear says CCTV filming sex with Georgia Harrison was ‘funny’

Stephen Bear has told the court that CCTV filming sex with Georgia Harrison was 'funny' (Image: Joe Giddens/PA Wire)

Stephen Bear a reality TV star told a court that accidentally filming himself having sex with his ex Georgia Harrison was “funny” but it is “complete lies” he sent the footage to someone on WhatsApp.

The 32, said he started having sex with Love Island star Georgia, 27, in his garden after she told him he looked like a “fit Paul Daniels” as he was doing card tricks with his top off.

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Stephen is accused of sending the video, filmed on his garden CCTV camera, to someone on WhatsApp on the same day, August 2, and then uploading it to his OnlyFans account three months later.

He denies two counts of revenge porn and one count of voyeurism.

Around three weeks before he set up the OnlyFans page, a website used to sell adult content to paid subscribers, the Ex On The Beach star was £12,000 in his overdraft, Chelmsford Crown Court heard.

The court heard that, up until its deactivation on December 8, Stephen made just under £40,000 from his OnlyFans account – with around £2,000 relating to the alleged sex tape with Georgia.

Giving evidence in court this afternoon, Stephen told jurors that, when he realised he may have filmed the sex with Georgia on his CCTV camera he “thought it was funny.”

He said: “You would think it’s funny, you know what I mean. She laughed.

“We played it on the monitor screen. We watched it back on that and then she asked for a copy of it. Straight away of course I said I will send you a copy.

“Straight away she told me to delete the footage. Straight away no questions asked [I deleted it]. Why would I want that on my phone?

“We had sex in the sun bed shop and there is CCTV in the sunbed shop.

“My intention was to catch up with a friend – sex was a bonus. To be filmed is quite funny.”

Stephen claimed no-one else had seen the footage except himself and Georgia.

Asked by his defence barrister Gemma Rose if he had sent the footage with Georgia to a friend on WhatsApp, Stephen said: “That’s complete lies. No-one has ever seen the video apart from us two. And that’s it.”

Asked if he had uploaded it to his OnlyFans account, he said: “I don’t know of any video being uploaded.”

He admitted he got together with the Love Island star while filming MTV’s The Challenge in 2018 but had a girlfriend at the time – describing himself as a “serial dater” and “not really faithful”.

Stephen told jurors today: “Basically I was sleeping with Georgia and I had a girlfriend at home. But me being me when drink is involved and there’s a pretty girl in front of me, it just goes out the window.”

Describing his work, he said: “I’m a jack of all trades. I used to be a labourer and I sort of got into roofing – then I done some TV work and now I do adult entertainment as my TV work is on hold because of this case.”

Jurors previously heard Stephen and Georgia met in 2012 but started dating in October 2018 after appearing on MTV’s The Challenge, but split in July 2019.

Stephen told the court that he kissed two of Georgia’s friends during an event for her clothing launch.

It was said that, by August 2020, they were speaking again and Georgia said she went to Stephen’s house in Loughton, Essex, for a cup of tea.

On August 2, the pair took part in an all-day drinking session, eating lunch at a local Turkish restaurant, before returning back to Stephen’s home where they “chatted, had a laugh and drank tequila shots and wine”.

He said: “I went out the night before. I was hanging. That morning it was like ‘Do you want to get a cup of tea’ and she came around for a cup of tea. I was like f**k I need to get my car cleaned. We went to get the car clean and ended up going for some food.

“I got smashed, yeah it was mad.”

The trial continues.




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